Taking a Break from Alcohol May Improve Bone Density in Men

fosamax class action lawsuitAlcoholic men who take a break from alcohol consumption may be able to improve their bone mineral density, say medical experts who quote the recent study between alcohol abuse and bone formation. A break of as long as two months with some physical activity and no liver disease can go a long way to correcting the imbalance in bone formation and resorption.

It is suspected that a combination of liver disease, lack of physical activity and a direct toxic effect of alcohol is what heavily affected men’s bone mineral density. After an eight week period following a group of men, it was found that sufficient physical activity and abstaining from alcohol directly correlated to an improvement in bone mineral density markers for the alcoholic men.

This finding may help people avoid osteoporosis as well as those who have it and may be even those who have suffered complications from taking bisphosphonates and resulted multidistrict litigations involving Fosamax.

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